About the Conference

FICCI CSR Summit 2016
Strengthening CSR Ecosystem in India for Sustainable Impact

The new CSR compliance may seem tough to some not prepared for it, but it has set to lead us to harmony in business-society-environment triad. Fundamentally, the rules emanated from a realisation that all citizens have equitable rights and responsibility to our common resources and that corporations are built and sustained by society, and they, therefore, must develop it and, nurture it.

By this mandate, CSR in India has become an actual resource allocation platform backed by legislative support to not only strengthen company’s CSR efforts but also shape India’s economic future and their own global competitiveness. Though, strategic CSR landscape in India is nascent but has a promising potential to motivate other stakeholders to contribute diligently for the larger good of the country and harness the advantages of its demographic dividend.

Hence, fostering an enabling and strengthening this environment is essential for CSR to emerge as a catalyst to address some of the pressing challenges and initiatives of the government like skill development, health and sanitation, financial inclusion etc. The first step towards creating such an environment is to include key external stakeholders—such as governments, incubators, public institutions experts etc. Corporations can closely work with these stakeholders to create, a pool of like-minded supporters, infrastructure, talent and technology that they can tap into to maximize the impact of their CSR programs. The beneficiary too has an important role to play in this transaction by attaining the right skill-set or behaviour change to ensure sustainability of the service. Alternately, the government too can understand the evidence created by the positive impact as an advocacy measure for furthering CSR investment in social inclusion.

FICCI CSR Summit 2016, the premier platform for advancing innovative CSR approaches and solutions to the country’s most pressing problems is back and scheduled for 21st and 22nd December 2016. This year the discussion shall revolve around creating the right environment and strengthening CSR initiatives for sustainable impact, adoption of best practices in targeted domain, liasioning with primary and secondary stakeholders. This year the focus are - Skill Development, Sustainable WASH Solution, Inclusive Development of Persons with Disabilities and Women Entrepreneurs - Challenges and Solutions with special focus on SMEs.

The summit will again host the 5th Korea India CSR Forum, this year the focus will be on how the Korean companies are India are Strengthening CSR Ecosystem in India for Sustainable Impact. A survey of the Korean Companies’ on CSR spent in India will also be released.


  • Share, understand and ideate on how Corporates can provide an enabling environment
  • Understand ways on how to leverage corporates core strengths, such as technical expertise, process rigour, and widespread presence across the country to create sustainable social impact
  • Develop and harness People-Public-Private Partnerships that shall propel growth but ensure that the growth achieved is sustainable, inclusive and equitable.
  • Share, understand and ideate how to collaborate with stakeholders and experts to make progress toward nation’s goals- for Skill Building, access to Water and Sanitation and healthy Environment.