With the enactment of the Companies Act, CSR in India has become an actual resource allocation platform backed by legislative support to not only strengthen company’s CSR efforts but also shape India’s economic future and their own global competitiveness. It’s been five years of the enactment, and we are at a phase where we need to look at the next stage of evolution in CSR for creating impact. To achieve maximum effect for the communities served - innovative solutions, adoption of new technologies, traditional and new age communication strategies need to be adopted to address complex social and environmental challenges.

Today, many progressive businesses are looking for investing in innovative CSR solutions. Thus, we need to foster an enabling environment for CSR to emerge as a catalyst to address some of the pressing challenges and initiatives of the government like skill development, health and sanitation, financial inclusion etc. The first step towards creating such an environment is to include key stakeholders—such as governments, incubators, public institutions, experts etc. The second step is to adopt innovative strategies for impactful CSR interventions at the BoP- new technologies, innovations, new media, employee volunteering etc.

FICCI Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence is organising the FICCI FCSR Summit and Awards 2020 with the theme-CSR 4 Impact . The aim is to provide a platform for Business Leaders, CSR Professionals, development actors involved or interested in Communication for Development (C4D), Technology for Development, Innovative CSR Projects and Volunteering work to share experiences, lessons learned and recommendations that can contribute to an improved practice



Promotes participation and social change using the methods and instruments of interpersonal communication, community media and modern information technologies



Technological advances are a driving force for development and are already playing a part in improving health, providing economic opportunities and addressing climate change



Social innovation is helping solve some of the world’s most pressing problems with new solutions. In this process of creating solutions, it is also profoundly changing beliefs, basic practices, resources, and social power structures

Employee Volunteering


Volunteers have an increased sense of connection with their communities, and feel more empowered to help and participate in community